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100+ Men – A Creative Community Effort

Local Charities - 100+ MenThe power of numbers can be inspiring! Making a difference in your community can be so simple yet fulfilling – just look at 100+ Men on a Mission!

Two years ago I was invited to attend a ‘kick-off’ meeting for 100+ Men on a Mission, a Des Moines-based organization started primarily by Mike Schneider, a long-time friend. From this initial event, I was hooked on the great impact that a seemingly disparate number of individuals can do in just one community. About $40k is raised annually for local charities.


  • Each member must commit to donating $100 per meeting ($400 per year). 
  • The donations will be given to Des Moines Metro charities/non-profits/worthy causes serving the Des Moines area only. No national charities will be considered.
  • The purpose is for the contribution to stay 100% in the community.
  • Each charity/non-profit/worthy cause that is under consideration will be given five minutes to make a presentation at the meeting by a member of the 100+ MEN ON A MISSION, not by the charity/non-profit/worthy cause.
  • Three charities/non-profits/worthy causes will be presented at the meeting. The group will vote by ballot and majority rules. Although it may not be your first choice, you are still obligated to donate.
  • If your name is drawn and you make a presentation and your charity is not chosen, you will still be eligible to put your name in the drawing at the next meeting.
  • For tax purposes, all checks will be made out to the chosen organization. If you are unable to attend, give your check to a member to deliver on your behalf.\
  • The charity/non-profit/worthy cause must agree to NOT use the donors’ names for future solicitations or give the information out to the public. If the charity/non-profit/worthy cause does not adhere to this condition, they will be removed from any future consideration.

*Taken from the 100+ Men on a Mission website

By helping a segment of our community that, in many cases, we never knew existed, we receive a personal sense of fulfillment. The process of 100+ Men is both simple and very rewarding for all who are touched by this ‘organic’ philanthropic collection of individuals.

In previous blogs, I have discussed the Healthiest State Initiative and the Blue Zones Project. Perhaps through these initiatives, Iowa should consider embracing the 100+ Men concept. What a great way to make a difference statewide! And, it does not have to stop with men. Des Moines also has a 100+ Women organization. In addition, employees from various companies are stepping up and embracing random acts of kindness within their own organizations.

Philanthropic creativity can be quite powerful within our communities. Don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference!

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  1. David,

    There are also newly forming chapters in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, both of which which I am a part of. Cudo’s to you for bringing this to your audience and for your participation and leadership. I think it is a fantastic idea!


    • That is great to hear, Maurie! I know that Des Moines has certainly not cornered the market on philanthropy. :>) I appreciate your feedback on this!

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