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About ‘Our Health Care River’ Infographic

Our Health Care River Poster - 2015Frequently we are asked about health insurance premiums, health care costs, and many other health-related issues that affect the pocketbook – for both employers and their employees.  Invariably, it boils down to this question:

“Why are health insurance premiums climbing at an unsustainable rate – and who is responsible for this mess?”

Our health care ‘system’ is dysfunctional – if not ‘polluted’ from the unintentional consequences of health policies made over many decades. Discussing the U.S. health care ‘system’ is quite a humbling experience…due mainly to the complexities inherent in this labyrinth sector of our economy. It seems the deeper one digs to learn about our ‘system’ – the less we actually know. How can that be possible?

Making analogies about our health care system can be a full-time job.  However, recently we have settled with an analogy that fits well in Iowa – chemical runoff from farm fields into our streams and rivers.  We all know about the eventual devastation that it causes downstream for others.  It is no different with ‘Our Health Care River.’

There are four key parts that apply to this infographic.  Each part plays a crucial role for our society.

UPSTREAM – Represents the ‘chemicals’ that run off into our once clean river. The chemicals are:

  1. Fragmented Delivery System
  2. Unhealthy Lifestyles

OUR RIVER – Represents the by-products of chemicals and the depiction of time moving DOWNSTREAM. As we acquire health conditions and age, we use life buoy preservers.

3. Life Buoy Preservers

DOWNSTREAM – Represents the ‘pollution’ we combat due to the chemical run off. We all must eventually pay for the hazards occurring UPSTREAM.

4.  Skyrocketing Health Insurance Costs

Much like the chemicals infiltrating our streams and rivers, we can (for the most part) minimize the run off that occurs in ‘Our Health Care River.’ It is also important how to buy quality medicines at the right price. We are all responsible for the ‘pollution’ caused, however, we can also play a significant role in determining long-term solutions to clean our river for future generations. By demanding a more efficient delivery system and changing our unhealthy behaviors and habits, our health care river has the potential of flowing long into the future without having the costly and unnecessary impurities.

This infographic is copyrighted. To use this infographic, please contact us to obtain permission.