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Coming Soon! 2018 Iowa Employer Benefits Study©

We are very pleased that 1,001 Iowa employers have responded to our 2018 Iowa Employer Benefits Study©! This number met our goal of having at least 1,000 organizations participate in our 19th survey. The results of this study will be available in early September.

As we prepare to release our 19th Study, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The Overall Summary of the 2018 Iowa Employer Benefits Study© will be available for download from our website.
    • Employers who participated in the 2018 Survey will be sent an email in early September to download this report using a specific pass code.
    • Employers who did not participate in the 2018 Survey will be able to download this Overall Summary for a small fee.

We have also updated our benchmarking program – Lindex®  allowing employers to compare their specific benefit offerings with other Iowa employers. Lindex® was developed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. In addition to learning how your benefits package compares with other Iowa organizations (using pertinent criteria such as employer size and industry), employers will be able to learn their individual Lindex® score and how their total benefits package compares to Iowa norms. There are some very sophisticated aspects about this benchmark program that will be extremely helpful to employers of all size and industry!

Our 2018 Iowa Employer Benefits Study© and/or Lindex® benchmarking program will be available for purchase in early September.

How can employers determine their Lindex® score?

You can either contact DPLB to learn more or visit with your authorized-benefits consultant to develop your Lindex® score. If your consultant does not currently participate in the Lindex® program, have them contact DPLB to learn how!

Please continue to visit our website to learn when our:

  • 2018 Iowa Employer Benefits Study© is available for download
  • Lindex® benchmark program has been updated with fresh 2018 survey data

An easy way to stay informed is to subscribe to this blog.

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