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Employer Perceptions on Healthcare System – a National Perspective

National Healthcare PerceptionsDeloitte Consulting develops thoughtful studies on nationwide employer practices, specifically relating to employee benefits and healthcare issues. Their 2013 Survey of Employers study is no exception. Results from this particular study provide a great framework to the findings we will be releasing in April.

Deloitte’s topic within this report? How employers perceive the healthcare system. Their findings are both interesting and concerning for all of us. I’m not surprised, nor should you be.

The cliff notes from this survey reveal the following:

  • Employers view the healthcare system as wasteful and expensive.
  • Keys to improving the system are increased transparency around pricing of specific medical products, services and procedures. In addition, employers want “clear, accessible information about the performance of care provided by doctors.”
  • Despite almost four years into implementation, employers still do not understand the features of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • Only 22 percent believe the ACA will reduce costs by 2019, and just 19 percent think the law will improve quality-of-care during that time.
  • Only 33 percent of employers grade the performance of the healthcare system as “A” or “B.”
  • 38 percent rate our healthcare system a “C,” and 29 percent rate it a “D” or “F.”

The big takeaway is that employers are frustrated over a perceived lack of ‘value’ in the price they pay for health coverage. The healthcare system is underperforming in numerous ways.

Keep this topic in mind and visit our website in April, as we will be releasing Iowa-specific information that reveals employer perceptions on 11 different performance indicators, in addition to the ‘trust’ employers have in their hospitals and physicians. I will also be releasing a white paper titled, “Voices for Value: Iowa Employer Perceptions of the Iowa Healthcare Provider Community.”

Stay tuned as this topic will only gain greater traction over the next months and years to come.

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