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Innovative Employee Benefits Index Unveiled in Iowa

The Lindex® Will Help Iowa Employers Determine the Competitiveness of Their Benefits Package

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DES MOINES, IA (January 17, 2013) – Iowa employers now have a simple tool that will help determine the competitiveness of their employee benefits package. The Lindex® was developed by David P. Lind Benchmark, and is based on the results from the annual Iowa Employer Benefits Study©, a respected survey conducted by David P. Lind Benchmark (DPLB), a benefits research firm based in Clive, Iowa.

“Employee benefits data can be both voluminous and complicated for any employer,” stated DPLB President, David Lind. “The Lindex was designed to distill this data into one relevant number to provide clarity. The Lindex simply allows the employer to compare their overall benefit offerings to other employers on an on-going basis. As benefit offerings change, the employer will understand their competitive position at all times by using the Lindex. Employers can also use their Lindex score as a recruiting tool to attract and retain high quality employees.”

DPLB is now developing a web-based application which will allow employers to determine their Lindex score. In addition, each employer will be able to analyze specific benefit areas and model plan options that will affect their specific Lindex score.

What is Lindex?
The Lindex is a composite score used as a reference when determining the quality of benefits offered by Iowa organizations. This index is the result of a sophisticated calculation based on the benefits data submitted by over 1,200 Iowa organizations from the latest 2012 Iowa Employer Benefits Study©. The Lindex will be calculated following the completion of each annual study, and employers participating in each study will receive their own Lindex score.

The Lindex ranges from 0 to 100, with low scores reflecting fewer benefits offered at a higher cost to employees, while higher scores indicate more benefits being offered at a more competitive cost. A variety of factors determine the score, such as:

• The type of benefits offered by employers
• Benefit preferences of employees
• Employee costs associated with those benefits

In 2012, the overall average Lindex score for Iowa employers was 73. This score varies based on employer size and industry. For example, employers with less than 10 employees have a Lindex score of 55, while employers with at least 1,000 employees averaged 84. Employers in the retail industry averaged 57, while state and local government employers averaged 78. An organization with a Lindex of 68 might appear to be somewhat low, but if this score is above the average Lindex score for similar organizations based on size and industry, then it could be considered a good score for an organization.

To learn more about the Lindex, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the DPLB website.

The 2012 Iowa Employer Benefits Study© was conducted during January – August of 2012. Results are based on 1,206 responses. For the overall sample, the results are accurate to within plus or minus 2.8 percent, at a 95 percent confidence level. Data Point Research, Inc., of Ames, provided the statistical analysis for the study and assisted in the development of the Lindex.



David P. Lind Benchmark (DPLB) is an independent, for-profit, and non-partisan employee benefits research firm located in Clive, Iowa.  Since 1999, DPLB has provided scientifically-based research to assist private and public employers and policy makers in their decision making. The Iowa Employer Benefits Study© is a comprehensive, statistical review of Iowa employee benefits and healthcare that is conducted annually by David P. Lind Benchmark

Data Point Research, Inc. (DPR) is a full-service research organization who has partnered with David P. Lind since 1999 to conduct the Iowa Employer Benefits Study©.  The focus of DPR is on research projects that help their clients improve employee and customer satisfaction, and understand health and social issues. Learn more about Data Point Research at

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