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Lindex® Scores Released!

Press Release on LindexToday we issued our Press Release on the new Lindex tool recently developed by David P. Lind Benchmark.

As mentioned in my December 12th blog, Lindex® to be Released Soon, the Lindex is a new and innovative tool that allows Iowa employers to distill voluminous and complicated data into one relevant number.

An organization’s Lindex score will help Iowa employers:

  • Determine the competiveness of their benefits package.
  • Attract and retain a high quality workforce.
  • Decide whether benefit changes are required to keep your employee benefits competitive.

The Lindex is a composite score used as a reference when determining the quality of benefits offered by Iowa organizations. This index is the result of a sophisticated calculation based on the benefits data submitted by over 1,200 Iowa organizations from the latest 2012 Iowa Employer Benefits Study©.

Calculated once a year, the Lindex ranges from 0 to 100, with low scores reflecting fewer benefits offered at a higher cost to employees, while higher scores indicate more benefits being offered at a competitive cost.

In 2012, the overall Lindex score for Iowa employers (regardless of employer size and industry) was 73. The Lindex score will vary based on the employer size and industry. For example, employers with less than 10 employees have a Lindex score of 55, while employers with at least 1,000 employees averaged 84. Employers in the retail industry averaged 57, while state and local government employers averaged 78.

Below is a summary of the Lindex scores based on organization size:

Master Lindex® Slide - Employer Size

Below is a summary of the Lindex scores based on industry:

Master Lindex® Slide - Industry

Below is a summary of the Lindex scores based on Iowa’s four Congressional Districts:

Master Lindex® Slide - Congressional

It’s important to note that an organization with a Lindex score of 68 might appear to be somewhat low when compared to the overall statewide score of 73, but if this score is above the average Lindex score for similar organizations based on size and industry, then it could be considered a good score for that organization.

To purchase a copy of the 2012 Iowa Employer Benefits Study©, or any of the five industry reports, click here.

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Retail
  3. Healthcare & Social Services
  4. Finance & Insurance
  5. Government & Education

To learn more about the Lindex, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of our website.

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