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Number$ in Iowa

Lindex StatisticsPeriodically, I like to share some interesting results from previous Iowa Employer Benefits Studies© that may possibly reflect trends on what Iowa employers are doing regarding various benefit offerings.

The first chart relates to the prevalence of vision coverage offered by employer size. As is the case with most benefits monitored, the larger organizations are more likely to offer benefits – and, vision coverage is certainly no exception. Urban organizations are more likely to offer vision coverage in 2012 (49 percent) when compared to their rural counterparts (28 percent).

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Most of the large employers tend to offer pre-tax premium plans for their employees, with about 70 percent of all Iowa employers offering such a ‘benefit.’ Considerably fewer employers offer medical spending and dependent care spending accounts (53 percent overall). This particular chart reflects results from the 2012 Study.

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This last chart shows the percentage of organizations offering dental plans during 2009, 2010 and 2012. Interestingly, the largest of employers (1000+) reported a decrease in dental coverage offerings. Our 2013 Study (to be released this Fall) will either confirm this as a trend or an anomaly. One great thing about performing studies, is having the ability to detect (or not) emerging trends over time. However, prematurely announcing new trends can be dangerous, unless new data can conclusively confirm emerging changes that ultimately become trends.

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“The common facts of today are the products of yesterday’s research.” – Duncan MacDonald.

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