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Research & Data

Understanding the need for relevant and credible data, David P. Lind Benchmark conducts research as a means to assist employers in making educated and informed decisions.  The assimilation and dissemination of such research allows employers to understand the comparative value of their own benefit plans against a variety of norms.

Data users and readers of studies sponsored by David P. Lind Benchmark can be assured of the statistical integrity of all findings presented.  Since 1999, David Lind has obtained the professional services of Data Point Research, Inc., an Iowa-based social policy research firm. The research performed by Data Point Research in collaboration with David P. Lind Benchmark uses unbiased and statistically accurate survey method techniques. We do not employ “samples of convenience,” sometimes known as a “grab” or “opportunity” samples. We use academically recognized survey sampling techniques, weighting, and statistical testing to ensure that the most accurate portrayal of the population is produced.

A brief description of a given project’s methodology is presented in each study report.

Unless noted otherwise, the surveys are funded entirely by David P. Lind Benchmark.