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2012 Iowa Employer Benefits Study©
is Ready for YOU!

David P. Lind BenchmarkThe overall summary of the “2012 Iowa Employer Benefits Study’s©” is now available! As mentioned in a prior blog, we are providing this summary report through an electronic download only, rather than a printed copy.

Purchasing the overall report via credit card and PayPal will be ready within the next two weeks. However, until this new payment process becomes available, you may purchase and download the report by filling out and submitting the Order Form to David P. Lind Benchmark (DPLB). Once received, DPLB will promptly send you an email containing a unique link to download your report. It’s that simple!

If your organization participated in this year’s survey, we sincerely thank you for sharing your data with us and for your patience while the report is being published. We realize that many employers desire to use the results of this important Study during the fall enrollment process. Participants in this Study were sent a specific email from us on Tuesday, November 6, sharing a unique link to gain access to this report. The email will provide simple steps to download your free PDF copy.


The five industry reports will be ready in late November.  The industries include:

1. Finance, Insurance & Real Estate

2. Health and Social Services

3. Manufacturing

4. Retail

5. Government & Education

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Again, we greatly appreciate your interest in this 14th annual study!

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Iowa Employer Health Premiums Up 7% in 2012

David P. Lind BenchmarkToday we issued our Press Release on the results from our 14th annual Iowa Employer Benefits Study©. As you might imagine, there is a wealth of data coming from this years’ survey, but perhaps the most striking number for me is also the headline number – 7 percent.

This number is BIG because it is…well, the SMALLEST number we have observed in the last 14 years. We have been surveying employers since 1999 (2001 was the first year we began asking questions on premium adjustments). With this relatively “tame” increase, Iowa employers reported making the following changes to their health plans during the past 12 months:

  • Increased deductibles (20 percent of respondents)
  • Raised out-of-pocket maximums (16 percent)
  • Increased office visit co-payments (12 percent)
  • Increased prescription drug co-payments (11 percent)
  • Changed insurance companies (9 percent)
  • Reduced pay raises or bonuses (5 percent)
  • Began wellness program initiatives (5 percent)

Since 1999, the annual single premium has increased by 164 percent (up $3,392), while the family premium increased by 146 percent (up $8,049). From 2011 to 2012, the premium for single coverage on all types of medical plans (HMO, PPO, Indemnity, CDHP) increased by eight percent, while the family premium increased slightly by two percent.

Overall, employee contributions for single medical coverage is 20 percent of the total single medical premium ($1,065 annual). For family coverage, the average Iowa employee contributes 34 percent of the family premium ($4,657 annual). Last year, the contribution level was 18 percent and 33 percent, respectively.

The summary report will be published on our website within the next two weeks.

The above information is just a small fraction of our survey results. To learn more, we invite you to stay in touch by subscribing to our blog.

Coming Soon!
2012 Iowa Employer Benefits Study©

David P. Lind BenchmarkWe are very pleased that over 1,200 Iowa employers have responded to our 2012 Iowa Employer Benefits Study©, which is the highest response in the 14 years of performing this survey! To put this response into meaningful perspective, the 2012 Kaiser/HRET Employer Health Benefits Survey, a highly-regarded national survey, reported 604 respondents in the Midwest Region that consists of 12 states (including Iowa).  In other words, our survey has twice the respondents…in just ONE state! This means that we are able to accurately report the specific benefits offered by Iowa employers using extremely credible data.

In addition to having this phenomenal response, we will unveil new and exciting enhancements with this year’s study in mid-October. Some of the changes include:

  • The Overall Summary report of the 2012 Iowa Employer Benefits Study© will now be available in an electronic format, allowing employers to access this report on our website. This summary will be very similar to the printed summaries produced in the past. Printed studies will no longer be available.
  • Employers who have responded to the 2012 Survey will be sent an invitation in mid-October to download this report using a specific pass code.
  • Employers that have not participated in the 2012 Survey will be able to download this Overall Summary report.  A fee will be required to access this report.
  • Separate industry reports will also be available for purchase. The industries we report on include:
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Finance and Insurance
    • Healthcare and Social Services
    • State and Local Governments (including Public Education)
    • All Other Industries (included in the Overall Report only)

In addition to the above enhancements, we’ll be introducing a new benchmarking tool during the first quarter 2013, allowing employers to compare their specific benefit offering with other Iowa employers. The benchmarking tool is being developed with simplicity and intuitiveness in mind. Please visit our website frequently to learn when this tool will be available.

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