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Giving to Others May Impact Your Health!

Make A Difference in Your CommunityA blog I wrote last February, ‘100+ Men – A Creative Community Effort,’ discussed a Des Moines-based program, 100+ Men on a Mission, which was founded to help make charitable contributions to cash-starved community organizations. The sense of fulfillment for all who participate is quite profound.

A recently published study substantiates how donating to charity and helping others may actually improve the physical and emotional well-being of the giver. The Journal of Economic Psychology’s report also suggests that increases in charitable tax subsidies may actually spur the behavior of giving and ultimately improve one’s perceptions of his/her own health.

To embrace this concept of giving throughout the state, perhaps representatives from the Healthiest State Initiative and the Blue Zones Project might consider recruiting 100+ Men and 100+ Women to help develop opportunities for other Iowa communities. It’s certainly something to think about…

Imagine giving back to others and feeling good (and healthy!) about making a difference. This is a win-win proposition for all Iowans!

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