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Wellness Grants? Yes, more to come…

Iowa Employer Benefits StudyDid you know that under the ACA (health reform law), Wellness Grants will be awarded to small employers (those with less than 100 employees who work a minimum of 25 hours per week)? In addition, these grants are intended to provide for comprehensive workplace wellness programs. Employers are eligible to receive these grants only if they did not provide a workplace wellness program prior to the enactment of health reform on March 23, 2010.

In our 2011 Iowa Employer Benefits Study©, we asked Iowa employers (those with fewer than 101 employees) if they were aware of the new Wellness Grant Program that could help subsidize the cost of starting a wellness program.

Any idea on the percentage of Iowa employers aware of this program?  You might be surprised…see below.

 Iowa Employer Benefits Study

Based on these results, a great deal of education lies ahead on how employers can apply (and qualify) for such grants. More on wellness programs in Iowa in upcoming blogs…I promise!

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